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12 December 2008 @ 02:53 am
about Volume4 by Bryan Fuller  

I apologize again because it is a topic about future HEROES. And this time, this text will really suggest  spoiling about the development of the future story, I must warn you, again.
I intend to talk about something about Mohinder as always. (That's why I do not have intention to talk about my opinion about the all of HEROES, in this text.)
Well, I read an interview about Volume4 by Bryan Fuller today. He spoke his opinion about the main reason why the past two volume thought nobody to be much success.


He think it as the cause: The most attractive element of HEROES was not clear on the surface. It was confused. Then he of the consultant judged that what at first we should have done in Volume4, it was rearranging of the main element of HEROES.
He said, "in the “Villains” arc, when you talk about formulas and catalysts, it takes the face off the drama. "
I do not have a big argument about it. (But, some his recognition are different from the biggest dissatisfaction that I felt in volume3.)

A topic jumps once, but please forgive it.
I evaluate a certain words that Arthur recited to Mo (Ep11). His the words pointed out the problem that I worried about about Mo most for a period of this volume precisely.
Arthur said :  "I think you need proper motivation."
It is natural that there is such a fault in Mo's heart to be troubled with his monster body.
His research course will not deviate greatly. However, now, he goes ahead through the outside of the basic motive that he should have as a researcher.
From volume2.  Mo often hesitates about choice as the researcher, also, he being used by The company or somebody --- they does not show the true purpose to him. What kind of influence does my  research (or my action) give to the world? Because he cannot judge it --- right or error, he feels frustration about it.
And volume3.  A new purpose "removal of the ability" is demanded from him by Maya, and "analysis of the structure of the ability" and "synthetic ability development" from The Pinehearst. Of course, now, "removal of the ability" and "analysis of the structure of the ability" became the serious purpose of the emergency for his  body of Mo himself.
Therefore, his research or action motive are not the things which are "proper" for a while.

Well, I must return to my opening topic.
Volume3 was tossed by structural problem of one's power to all POWERD. When story line moved by structure of the ability, there was the formula in all center. And Brian mentioned it, removing about formula issue from the main story line in volume4.
I don't know it what Mo get the situation and what he should do,  when the element of the story off the formula issue (I hope it means that an formula problem was settled).
In fact, this is the secret worry that there was in my heart all the time.
If season2 was not stopped, Mo got an important role about the issue of Shanty virus. But, his present roles are totally different, because the issue of virus diffusion was not  come in this story.
Then, as for the geneticist, Dr. Mohinder Suresh, what does he do in future?
I always have hope about Mo, but, I always worry about him at the same time.

I avoid showing my guess and my opinion in LJ as much as possible. An only reason is lack of skill of my language. It makes myself very lonely to do so. (my Japanese site is active.  But S3 is not yet official in Japan).
You please do not laugh even if I used clumsy wrong English.